Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Responses to the Suggestion

We are getting a lot of response to our suggestion that considerable revenue can be saved by suspending the state testing and reducing the number of school days that students and teachers actually are together. These responses are coming from a variety of teachers and parents who are concerned about the consequences of staff reductions and increased class size. We are hearing from people who don't have children in school that see the impact this loss of revenue will have on our children. An article in the February 1,2010, Columbus Dispatch in Ohio by Charlie Boss titled Turn the Page on Rote Tests is an excellent piece that provides a little different perspective. Check out The Dispatch.com education page.

Alfie Kohn will be speaking Thursday to the Indiana Superintendents Association and has indicated he will reference the recommendation as a courageous move by the leadership of the schools in Indiana. Check out his website http://www.alfiekohn.org/

We are encouraging everyone we can to spread the word. We have heard from Oregon to Florida and New York to Arizona. We can make a difference if we join together to make sure that the children are not sacrificed in these difficult times.

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